EuroCaribbean Expertise

For Caribbean Development

Aid & International development Procurement projects...

procurement services, management services in developing tender proposals and implementation of “turnkey”  projects funded by International Development Banks/Agencies in the Caribbean developing countries.

International Cooperation...

Fund raising and project management services towards  multi- and bilateral cooperation projects, technology transfer and technical studies between the Small Developing States and the EU/French Caribbean Regions.

International Business and Trade...

Strategic alliances identification, potential partners matchmaking and market intelligence services between the Cariforum  and “EuroCaribbean” regions.

International Development Business and Project Management

are the key vaults for our three primary domains of activity



International Development

Although the Caribbean is commonly seen as a whole, a closer insight into it shows that it comprises several geopolitical subdivisions  not necessarily connected to each other. In this instance, between the European overseas regions (“EuroCaribbean”) and the Caribbean Small Developing States (mostly the Caricom Member States), communication is scarce.

Reliable Solutions Caribbean is a company specializing in international development business and project management in the international arena, with a special focus on the Caribbean Region. It aims at playing an active role in bridging this gap, by bringing together expertise and solutions from all the “Caribbean “parties” for the sustainable development of the Caribbean as a whole. In other words, make “out of several, one Caribbean” (1), for in order to achieve, together we ought to aspire (2).

(1)Inspired from Jamaica National Motto / (2) Inspired from Trinidad & Tobago National Motto.

Bridging the Caribbean...

for sustainable development.

“ Because our success is yours, we act by two simple rules :

customer centricity and breakthrough servicing !

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