php get last 3 characters in string

You would be amazed at what can be accomplished with RE's ! Hi, I am trying to delete 3 characters from the right in a column. What is the difficulty level of this exercise? keyValue[2].split('/')[2] : null;} "\n"; ?> Sample Output: com Flowchart: PHP Code Editor: (jQuery('.switcher .option').is(':visible'))) {jQuery('.switcher .option').stop(true,true).delay(100).slideDown(500);jQuery('.switcher .selected a').toggleClass('open')}}); There are two primary ways to get the first characters of a string in PHP. This tutorial shows you PHP functions that help to replace first and last character from string. If you were to search for 'php', the result would be 0.. Where can I find the VBScript documentation? jQuery('.switcher .option').bind('mousewheel', function(e) {var options = jQuery('.switcher .option');if(':visible'))options.scrollTop(options.scrollTop() - e.originalEvent.wheelDelta);return false;}); I would like to get the last 4 numbers out of it. by Hugh Lashbrooke Posted on 8 March 2012 16 July 2015. Do you want to make web application with php and php framework(CI, Laravel)? The substr_count function is case sensitive. If string length … Method 3 – PHP: Remove Last Character from String using rtrim Note: rtrim function is not working exactly same way as substr and substr_replace, but it is of course useful some cases. ... That will return the last 4 characters in the string. Index of last character will always be equal to the length of string – 1. string s = "000001" I want "001" Probably overkill for your current problem, but you can use an Regular Expression [RE] to select the part of the string that you want, in this case, it would be @".{3}$". eg: data received through Rx is 123467890X the data will typically be 11 digits long. If string is not known and we want to remove characters from beginning then we can use substr().Here we can use it by two parameters one is the string and the other is the index. I want to print 678 form this string. Sample String : '[email protected]' Pictorial Presentation: Sample Solution: PHP Code:

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