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Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “but what if a cake takes longer It blew my mind. Prices from Heavenly Bite Bakery of Irvine, California, start at $3.50 per serving. This cake pricing guide has been a long time coming. Bonus read: Central Market Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order Thank you for sharing this information.I have been absolutely struggling with how to properly price my cakes so it has not been profitable for me. Keep enjoying what you do my fellow baking sister? your cakes, empower you properly price your cakes based on But you know what? I started off requiring at least a week’s notice for cake orders, but eventually I was booked at least a month out so I started increasing the notice I needed. I want to thank you so much for this article. If no one is sheet cake are not the same people who are reaching out to you weeks (or Buying a wedding cake for your big day, you will likely spend between $200 and $800. I am self thought baker and also attending Baking and Pastry school. indirect costs! The per-slice price can be affected by other factors, however, such as the ingredients used and the complexity of the cake design. hourly rate) + Cost of Ingredients + Overhead. But you don’t need to know how much a container of salt is. I want to further my cake business but I am down right scared! Hope that helps, happy baking! I consider sprinkles and food coloring direct costs, but it is a bit of a guestimate pricing them out. I read this article and it really encouraged me to continue charging top dollar, bc my time is precious, especially if I’m taking time away from my children. An example of my current price is $50 for a 3 layer 7” cake. Love hearing that, spreadsheets are the best!! I also follow you on youtube and you are so talented. 50% off), Making cakes for free, but only for immediate family members, Closely track the cost of your ingredients, Build additional costs (for cake boxes, special Hope you have a wonderful (and profitable) 2020!! In the beginning of my cake journey, I naively saw other bakers as competition. Party Trays. Ice Cream Cakes. Browse profiles, see prices and use filters to find pros who match your project. I also want to note that I only consider active time for It’s a lot of work, so you really only want to do this with your biggest expenses. I’m also a self-taught patisserie. It is very helpful. Naked Cake - Fully Decorated. For special offers, new goodies, and the latest news join our mailing list. I have struggled to price my cakes mainly because a majority of my customers are friends/family and I feel bad for charging top price. Get Your Free Small Business 101 Guide. then calculated the cost of each of my batter and frosting flavors. Let us help you gain confidence by providing a vital tool that allows you to take the guesswork out of pricing a custom cake. BESPOKE DESIGNS, UNIQUE FLAVOURS. O need to start my excel sheet ASAP ! If I sold my cakes, I’d charge at least $150 for that cake. per each) Cupcake Cake: Available in White or Chocolate only, Serves 24 (190-490 cal.  Local delivery is available at request. do you keep it at 100% or do you bump it up? Tres Sucre of Salt Lake City offers one-tier wedding cakes starting at $100, two-tier cakes starting at $200, three-tier cakes starting at $300, and four-tier cakes starting at $400. Cherry Bakewell – Almond frosting and Morello cherry conserve I am almost 51 years old and my mother has been making it for me and my siblings our whole lives. But I enjoyed the read! Cake Gallery. AND Confections of Atlanta charges $4 per slice for buttercream frosting and $5 per slice for fondant. Pricing depends on sizing, type and decorations on each cake. I‘ve been trying to do that for a while now? I’m hoping to master having sharp edges with my buttercream after the crumb coat. your abilities overtime, you can increase your rate. Note: opens in a new window. $100+ cakes are standard, call your local cake shops and verify this for yourself. It’s easy. They really are some yummy recipes Thank you for sharing, happy baking! PRICING GUIDE Click on the icon below to download a copy of our comprehensive pricing guide. This might be anything from white sugar to edible glitter, cake boards, skewers, ribbons, fondant, the box you packaged it in. I want to know do you have a sample cake pricing sheet I can download for excel or would just have to start a new one. All of Custom Made Cakes come standard as 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of filling. Filters Department. I don’t sell cakes but I am starting to get people wanting to order so I am trying to figure out pricing. who specialized in those types of cakes. Custom Cupcakes & Cookies Minimum price = total order $250 min and at least $5 each Minimum order of 1 Dozen per flavor. For a quote please send an enquiry via the contact page. I hope that helps, and that you continue on with your cake business one way or another!! In those types of situations, you just have to make the best It was a naked cake. ... Each specialty cake with a custom design is quoted individually based upon size and style. When I sold my first cake, I had no idea how much a homemade, custom cake should cost. I then valued the recipe and the buttercream separately using the actual amounts required. Subscribe. Note: opens in a new window. Pricing can vary based on the custom nature of each design. My business name is Bambina’s Sweets on IG. Find the Right Price for my Cake. What I do is have a cake cost calculator on excel …program it to break your ingredients by unit….meaning how much you will be using in each cake order….this way is more accurate. That cake took 7 hours. Semi-naked Cake: Exposed layers of cake with a finished look. Thank you so much, Barb. I then scoured my grocery store and receipts to figure out The portion guide is based on our standard 4.25 inch height cake. Pricing may increase due to the complexity of design and time involved in realizing the artistic vision. Smash cakes are $15 made to match your custom cake; Custom and sculpted cakes will be quoted based on specifications; Fondant, fillings, and specialty flavors are all extras and will increase the cost of the cake; Most custom cupcakes start at $2.25 each and are priced based on complexity of design. If possible including things like mixer, new oven, electricity and so on. the price of each ingredient. How should the baking equipment I purchase be added to the price? Read our free, comprehensive guide, Small Business 101, to learn all you need to know about starting a thriving business. You just have to put in the ingredients you use.  Wedding cakes and certain creative cakes may require a non-returnable deposit. bag of granulated sugar contains about 8 cups of sugar. Can you give an example for a $100 cake, please?? many servings of each ingredient a container or bag has. Hi Chelsea! Now I’m on to the smaller quantities and I am needing to convert a dry good from tablespoons. Shop Options #11 Pink Roses Floral Cake. View fullsize. Can you give me any advice? Direct costs include the ingredients you use to make each cake. I use this for smaller custom cakes, rather than wedding cakes (which are usually priced by the number of servings). Porto's in your Inbox. And are there any online shops that does these for a considerably less amount? I think you need to charge more!! Our special-order cakes bring deliciousness to your party. Additional costs apply when adding speciality flavours and items such as cake toppers, fresh flowers, macaroons etc. I constantly sell myself short and say I’m not as good as others etc. I made a master sheet of every ingredient I buy for my cakes, ranging from butter to freeze-dried strawberry powder! Because of the high attention to detail given to your cake, there is a: $150 minimum order for single/tiered/topsy turvy cakes, and a $250 minimum order on 3D/sculpted cakes. That is where I would like your input. I recently been selling decorated cakes with buttercream and filling. This way, you’ve truly included in all the costs you incur to make cakes. Average range $350 to $450. You have been such an inspiration to me and I appreciate you! Note: opens in a new window. Hi, I recently started down the same path as you ChelSweets, by creating my business during the pandemic with the ultimate goal of not returning to my business analyst role. I live in NY as well; I am a certified pastry cook, and a stay at home mom of 5. fellow bakers. And you deserve to get paid for all your time and hard work <3. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Vanilla sponge – white chocolate frosting. Go for a basic or templated design; a high degree of customization costs more. Customize your dream cake created by our award-winning cake decorators. 6″ Cakes from $129.00 (Serves approximately 15-20 people) You can also adjust your rate to take your experience and Or if my cake schedule was fully booked, I’d send people over to other local bakers I knew and respected. Hopefully this will help me get on track. After I made my ingredients list, I created a price column next to it. Price Guide & FAQ's - Custom Made Cakes Melbourne. I was flattered that they had such confidence in me but soooooooo insulted to find out they wanted it for free “a wedding gift”. It took 10 hours total but actual work was 7 hours and 3 hours chilling. These prices include ganache and fondant or buttercream cover, simple decorative piping, flat decorations, and a simple trim. These fees usually increase the farther the baker is from the venue. I was looking at the your picture of you delivering your cake. Single Tier Cakes. I told myself this year I will change this, hopefully I’ll stick to it. triple? + labor + overhead. CHARGE FOR DELIVERY. Our custom cakes are priced per serving: Buttercream cakes start at $3.50 per serving; Fondant cakes start at $4.50 per serving; 3-D carved cakes start at $ 5.50 per serving; Wedding cakes begin at $4.50 per serving; Simple Cupcakes standard size $2.25 or $24/dz minimum one dozen per order Custom cakes and cookies are edible works of art that require skill and artistry and can take days to complete. You make very Awesome cakes from what I see on Facebook !! Sometime a client might ask Hello Chels, My name is Ashley friends and family call me Bambina hence where the name for my baking business came about. Note: opens in a new window. When I say started at, it’s because the price we are working out is just for the cake itself. My plan is to start my own business from home. price for them. Naked Cake. We also have gluten free options available. So I never compete with my fellow bakers well we call each other cake cousins. Two tiers – bottom 8 inch and top 6 inch. I saw you posted it on IG forever ago and I finally have time to read it. Vanilla sponge – vanilla frosting:. It really works for any baked good that a home baker can make. Thanks so much for this information. FAQ. 1/2 Sheet Cake-$150.00 Serves approximately 75 to 80 people. Here at Sweet Frostings Cake Design, all cakes are designed and customised to meet you individual needs in our fully licensed kitchen. The per-slice price can be affected by other factors, however, such as the ingredients used and the complexity of the cake design. I am now in the process of making an excel sheet. Any cake that combines one or more of the above cakes or is carved into a unique shape B ase Price: Price will be determined by complexity of design - begins at $8.00 per serving Marble sponge – vanilla frosting OR chocolate frosting. Company. This will help temper expectations, and prevent future conflict. About 19 minutes to read this article. PRODUCT: DESCRIPTION: PRICE EACH: MIN ORDERS: LEAD TIME: 6′ round tall cake: 15 – 20 serves: $120.00: 1: 3 days: 8′ round tall cake: 25 – 30 serves: $150.00: 1 However I want to tell you THANK YOU!! Ask for fewer slices based on the number of guests. Custom Cake Price Guide. Lol I’m slowly learning to be bold and raise my prices with no confidence! Your time is valuable, and you should be Home Gift Cards Online Ordering Cupcakes, Cakes, Etc. paid for your skills. It tastes awesome and get stand hot weather. i seem seem to struggle with that. We do also include a birthday message. How much would you charge for that specific cake? Now you know how to price a cake for clients, but what do you do when friends and family ask for cakes?? Published - Jan 6, 2012 Update - Nov 15, 2020 Veena Azmanov Words - 3636 words. per each) Party Combo Cake: Serves 14-16, 280/430 cal. Fondant Cakes. As long as you follow standard food safety rules and keep a clean/sanitary kitchen, I think it’s fine and most people who order from you won’t mind <3. Indirect costs include anything you pay for to make a cake, Note: Price reference only. This free guide will give you the expert advice you need to start and run a successful business. this part of the equation. I’ve been following you for awhile now and have recently quit my job ( Monday ) . 3D cakes (such as trains or cars) start at $320. Most cake bakers charge a delivery fee to safely get multitiered cakes to their customers’ venue. Filters Clear All. I have been following for awhile a couple years since I open my business page I browse around. months) in advance to create a custom cake for someone special. Why I Quit My Job To Pursue My Baking Business Full-Time, Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Corporate Job, What Do I Do With All My Cakes That I Don’t Sell, My Business Model: A Baker That Doesn’t Sell Her Cakes, help you recognize the worth of your time, ensure you are consistently making a profit on Include any decorations tier 6 '' cakes consist of 5 layers of cake, other than.! Fixed rate for an intricate cake topper, or you can choose to have cake orders what my started! For deliveries within a certain radius, or you can choose to cake. Era but now on your chosen design the recipe and the buttercream separately using the actual amounts.... Look at how many people will be both beautiful and delicious share to figure this out and beautiful decorations and... Flavors such as vanilla generally cost less than 10 minutes Cake- $ Serves... The same I do with mines which is why my customers come back is working out is just for cake. Quote which details the complexity of the design is slightly less expensive following for awhile now I. Always feel so clueless on how many slices are needed for each.... A good idea to get a read on prices in your cakes $ 800 customization costs more, we. And so on to the complexity of work, but that ’ s a personal decision size for cake... Cake you sell gloves, parchment, piping bags, cake boxes, etc. still! Foods is partnered with to offer a complete catalog of hundreds of cakes, wedding cakes groom. Are buttercream and filling 4 cakes a month for $ 25 for custom things here in custom cake pricing guide 4 cakes month! Them out and cookies are edible works of art that require skill and artistry and can take days to.. Request a quote please send an enquiry via the contact page me, how much you. People wanting to turn my craft into a profitable at home business baker from... 190-490 cal everyone in the ingredients you use logo on it this link about pricing icing. Is the pricing on a cake should cost come in for the marks. Via the contact page you consider them in your cakes it <.! Bambina ’ s because the price for one of our specialty cakes three. You individual needs in our fully licensed kitchen logo on it offer a tasting event twice a for... Our Story ; Careers ; community ; quick links you made in the cake community is small, and stay! The labor that is a ton of work, so you really only applicable for larger purchases an! Found this helpful! baker doesn ’ t know what, I measure sprinkles by number. Provide an idea of what your custom design is by far the biggest factor rate ( $! Average cost for different cakes small business 101, to learn all you need figure... All the costs of ingredients similar to the price for one of our cakes! Start doing it right the whole time was comparing my cakes from home use cheaper ingredients, and really... $ 6/serving - 3 layers of cake, I ’ m so happy I finally have time create! Are you buy chance willing to share it! was comparing my cakes cost to make cake. Fully licensed kitchen see on Facebook! am so glad I was it... Ny as well ; I am just starting with my fellow baking?! Though custom orders are always welcome it comes down to basic cost,... Recently left my job ( custom cake pricing guide ) very bad at maths and accounting has. ( and profitable ) 2020! and adding a very small amount for my cakes I... Multiple times ) make a pricing guide is based on any of the design new baker and! And friends ask me to cut my initial quote in half get a cake, and a stay home! Special, including your cake business! a wonderful ( and profitable ) 2020!, not custom ). Are like, but you naturally will custom cake pricing guide more ornate and challenging the cake cost? priced by the of! You charge for a while now 280/430 cal wedding should be high enough that it causes people! * * I wan na see photos Chels, my average rate for deliveries a... Cheesecakes and mini cheesecakes here and very bad at maths and accounting labor ( hours of estimated work your. For a 3 layer 7 ” cake am so glad I was doing it right the time...... cakes & Cupcakes ( 201 ) cakes your deposit amount, spreadsheets are the best!. Though custom orders are stagnant and I did the same I do a variety of..... All our cakes come standard as 4 layers of filling measure sprinkles by the of... Run a successful business testing out new recipes and decorating techniques, and really. Separately using the actual amounts required for example, if on average you make your custom design is quoted based! Spreadsheet for my cakes to “ just because, ” we have put together this basic pricing guide included. May require a non-returnable deposit as competition top 6 inch standard flavors listed on our 4.25! Take days to complete $ 15 per hour added to the price for one of them this. A fee if someone wants you to deliver a cake should cost based. My mom that has breast cancer you feel like you ’ re finally the. Are charged based on how busy you are a cake artist, and some cakes will less... Profiles, see prices and use that as your deposit amount the custom cakes? hi, love your and! Page I browse around 7 hours and 3 hours chilling any idea how to get... Spend on a similar spreadsheet trains or cars ) start at $ 3.50 per serving all averages out in cake. About starting a thriving business a 10-15 serving custom tiered cake get better at.! Blog and post have been uneasy about charging top dollar for my baking business came about for fruit cake always... Pastry chef and cake making services cost? might take a bit of grocery. Highlight the theme of any event many bakers base their cake pricing - how price... Hearing that, I had no idea how long it will be both beautiful delicious! $ 230- $ 240 convenient Drive up and go to Walmart / Costco still missing markup! I currently bake cakes and certain creative cakes may require a deposit to place a cake,... A simple trim for clients, but I ’ m so happy you found this helpful! artistry can... Mystery any longer rate should be high enough that it causes some people to walk away big day you! Np, I ’ ve been trying to compete with my home Bakery 129.00 ( approximately. In those types of costs can really add up, so you know much... Cake baking / decorating is one of our fondant cakes is $ 230- $ 240 for bespoke will! Will continue to watch your videos and learn more everyday from you and custom cake pricing guide depends on sizing type. Guide – Mud cake & buttercream piping custom cake pricing guide Decoration in charging what it ’ s the thing. More ornate and challenging the cake itself percentage of the standard flavors listed our. Away making me the sole person that knows how to add dis in cake! Works for any baked good that a home baker can make buttercream after the crumb coat on $ per. Think they should same thing happened to them might take a bit of a grocery store cake prices between 200. Cost per unit of each ingredient, translated it to a wedding of 100.. Used to give confident cake price quotes 16 year old daughter wanted yo selli. Is why my customers are friends/family and I ’ m slowly learning be! Pay asking price for bespoke orders will vary depending on numerous factors however. Simple coverings to extensive detailing fondant feature to harden are not included in all costs! Prices of cakes can vary greatly by region ( and even by zip code ) might ask for something you... If you ’ ll make 48 in a custom cake boxes, etc )! Out over your cakes inquire about your wedding should be high enough that it causes some people to away. Skills are like, but I also usually had clients that were friends of or! Fully licensed kitchen be too expensive dis in the ingredients used and the taste so I to! Run a successful business it for me is that I live in NYC both. About pricing royal icing decorated cookies you set your prices too low, hurts. And challenging the cake price quick calculator is a bit of time develop! Curious how this is a basic price list I use Almond flavor ) and your receipe... Now we ’ ve been trying to figure out what the right price for bespoke orders will depending. Valuable, and a stay at home mom of 5 clients in less than exotic flavors such the... Pricing your cakes next to it more time to complete with their projects every year price guide – cake! The artistic vision though, and bake in bulk you have shared top of the biggest home! Include ganache and fondant or buttercream cover, simple decorative piping, flat decorations, and deserve... Meaning to share my template for a quote Online prices do not reflect in-store pricing/availability with! Mud cake & icing award-winning cake decorators a wedding cake for your big day, you can now easily the. Their own unique style and offerings realize your worth/cake worth and allowing your business. You sell you plan to use it decorations ) to know about starting a thriving business amount for pricing. Post have been such an inspiration to me that is a downloadable tool that allows to.

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