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Browse through and check out what music our editors have been listening to this year. It will be a long time before the final album from David Berman can be appreciated outside of the context of his tragic death by suicide in August of 2019. January 18, 2019 Cheerful music, yes? You won't find many songs on albums by indie singer-songwriters this decade that feel this raw, this confessional, this private-- let alone on one of the year's biggest pop blockbusters. Living Hour's Softer Faces [Kanine] Rocketship's Thanks to You [Darla] Or, that they did it twice.–P.C. It's the perfect time to shine a light on distinctive, idiosyncratic pop acts oriented towards DIY self-expression. Although it was recorded in large part from within the confines of Alyse Velturo’s Brooklyn bedroom, I’ll Show You Stronger sounds huge, with soaring hooks and unforgettable choruses.–Z.G. Each of the last few years, the number of great bands coming out of Australia, especially Melbourne, has steadily impressed. And on Better Oblivion Community Center, like Boygenius before it, she proves to be as dialed in as a collaborator as she is running the show. But on Remind Me Tomorrow, she boldly exploded that paradigm, embracing new wave stylishness and arena-rock bluster on songs that managed to still hit the emotional bull’s eye while also rocking like never before.–S.H. Natalie Mering’s work under the name Weyes Blood feels less like a catalog of music and... 2. Eraserland is an album that almost didn’t exist, with songwriter Timothy Showalter withdrawing from the outside world, only to be brought back into the musical fold by members of My Morning Jacket. —Z.G. Though Nick Cave’s previous album (and instant classic), Skeleton Tree, was released immediately following the death of his son, it’s on Ghosteen that listeners really get a sense of how this tragedy has impacted one of the great songwriters of our time. 1. Each song title is one word ("Footsteps", "Nightmares", "Criminals"), which helps accentuate the album's contemplative, philosophical side -- it's as if they're pondering the very nature of our existence from multiple angles. BEST OF INDIE POP SONGS - WEEK 1. by Beca Arredondo. It’s sweet, it’s hilarious, and it’s a better reflection of American rock traditions than most actual Americans could conceive.–P.C. Indie-pop styles show up in TV commercials, Hollywood movie soundtracks, and within mainstream pop and country hits. The songs quietly ask questions of themselves, about the past and what we're all up to, day by day. Discover and listen to new music releases and 2020's best new album releases this week and every week here. –Z.G. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group. Conor Oberst is revitalized in her presence while she crafts tunes that are more spirited and playful than anything she’s released as a solo artist. Perhaps no up-and-coming indie band was talked about more in 2019 than Big Thief, who not only released the staggeringly good U.F.O.F. That instinctive, self-directed, 'amateur' creative impulse is as vital as ever -- not to mention as important to showcase, even while pop music at large is built from a host of other impulses, interdependent and even conflicting. It’s a record so wonderfully paced and curated that it’s hard to play A&R and find a song that it could do without.–Z.G. Published: 1 Dec 2020 13:21. The 10 best indie albums 2020. Keepsake is the Australian singer-songwriter’s debut studio album, taking the best of dream pop, shoegaze, and alt-rock, and channeling them into something truly unique. Their music is shoegazer-y, but with a forward propulsion that's pure pop, not about to drift too far off into the ether. AllMusic has assembled our Best of 2019. —C.W. The songs have a punk sense of rebelliousness but also come off like the start of an eternal dance party. Check out the Top 100 Indie tracks played on Spotify this week. Not to mention exuberant group singalongs, all four women seemingly joining together for a chorus of delightful weirdness. Patience is the name for the personal pop project of Roxanne Clifford, singer for the adored early 2010s band Veronica Falls. is comparatively next-level -- anthemic and multi-layered yet still driven by a loose DIY impulse. Dating back to her more spare early work, including the underappreciated Half Way Home, Olsen’s inimitable voice and penchant for tapping into traditions ranging from girl groups to busted-radio country have been enough to earn her spot among the great songwriters of her generation. —C.W. Marrying spectral piano with her own quavering, honeyed vocals, Pratt writes with the kind of wisdom that only experience can instill, but never loses her sense of innocence, either.—Caitlin White. From across the world, Melbourne, Australia seems like a city filled with youthful bands breathing new life into old formulas of melodic guitar-pop. “Make Art Not Friends” is both a song title and an artistic credo for this album, though the confrontational nature of Simpson’s posturing doesn’t obscure the fun he has tearing through guitar solos over pumped-up, synth-heavy blues-rock.–S.H. Updated: check out our list of the best indie songs of 2020!. The Best Ones Of The Best Ones: Rough Trade: 31 Jan: Frances Quinlan: Likewise: Saddle Creek: 31 Jan: Alice Jemima: Everything Changes: Sunday Best: 31 Jan: Blossoms: Foolish Loving Spaces: Universal: 31 Jan: Mint Julep: Stray Fantasies: Western Vinyl: 31 Jan: Pet Shimmers: Face Down In Meta: self-released: 31 Jan: Smoke Fairies: Darkness Brings The Wonders Home: Year Seven: 31 Jan: Son Little: … Hand Habits' Placeholder [Saddle Creek] The fresh Melbourne quartet's debut album is a fun, funky jaunt that seems all about creative mixing-and-matching, in a minimalist style riddled with quirky organ and singy-songy, art-school nursery rhymes. ings' Lullaby Rock [self-released] A record that reflects on home, small towns, and whatever holds you back, Means To Me is, ironically, one of the freest-sounding albums of the year. To quote from the first track of the first 'honorable mention' album below, every one of these musicians is, in their own way, "chasing that feeling". Let's join the party. ... a black pug that she had for 16 years until he passed away in 2019. Harriette Pilbeam — known professionally as Hatchie — grabs influence from a wide spectrum of artists and distills them into one place. Slum Summer's ABABO [Jigsaw] With her brilliant fourth solo LP, Jenny Lewis confirmed that she is one of the great singer-songwriters of the last 20 years. Why Haven’t You Tried Snoop Dogg’s Impeccably Smooth Cali Red Yet? For additional information about bands formed, reformed, disbanded, or on hiatus, for deaths of musicians, and for links to musical awards, see 2019 in music . The melodies and grooves carry within them a general sense of unfulfillment and a simultaneous, perhaps contradictory, unbridled joy. MelodieGroup's Being & Nothingness [self-released] Don't miss out on all the best new albums of 2019, from giant pop releases, to indie records or the hottest mixtape. This is music for every day: mellow pop songs for the pleasant melancholy we all carry around in our own minds as we go about the business of life. Jay Som's Anak Ko [Polyvinyl] Frightened Rabbit - Tiny Changes: A Celebration of Frightened Rabbit's 'The Midnight Organ Fight' Indie music in general is my favorite genre that is the reason I like K-indie too. Best Indie Pop Albums is a chart from bertrandu, created in 2016. Weyes Blood: Titanic Rising. While the music is superficially quiet, this muted beauty seethes with rage about a world that is seemingly ambivalent about its own destruction.–Steven Hyden, Jay Som has undergone a lot of personal growth over the past couple years (as she told Uproxx), and that’s reflected on Anak Ko, the entirety of which she composed, arranged, produced, and performed. Twerps guitarist Julia Macfarlane's current solo project, J. Macfarlane's Reality Guest, gets stranger and cuts deeper to the heart and bone. Holy Heck, ‘The Flight Attendant’ Was A Freaking Blast, Pedro Pascal On Having The Time Of His Life In ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ And If He’ll Send You A Refund For Your ‘Mandalorian’ Razor Crest Toy, ‘The Stand’ Reboot Feels Like An Unlikely Part Of The Antidote To This Hellish, Pandemic-Ridden Year, Indigenous Comedians Speak About The Importance Of Listening To Native Voices, Deepak Chopra Shares Secrets From His Personal Week-Long Silent Retreat, Master Brewer Jaega Wise On Getting More Women Into The Beer Industry And Brewing During A Pandemic, The Ultimate Streetwear Holiday Gift Guide For 2020. CHAI - PUNK… Each generation needs its own barbed lullabies.–S.H. Take the music world as a whole, and 2019 seemed marked by the continual movement towards genre agnosticism or at least purposeful genre blurriness. We are moving to WordPress and a new host, but we really need your help to fund the move and further development. As such, the album overflows with appreciation for the good fortune that Showalter can hold on to, and he imparts that sentiment through generous songs that illuminate one of the great rockers of our time. The record’s late-night, slightly frayed quality communicates a level of experience that makes Lewis’ intolerance for B.S. Lyrically, the album is often a bleak and unsparing portrait of a difficult man beset by loneliness. Folk N Rocks Best Of 2019 Playlist | Folk N Metals Best Albums Of 2019 List But it is...and invigorating, exciting, adventurous, emotional. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. It’s not every day that a debut album feels so meticulous and fleshed-out. Now freshly nominated for a Grammy, U.F.O.F. Then again, did listening to The Carpenters make any more sense during the height of the Vietnam War? 49. This is lush synthpop that speaks to unrealized dreams and long-held secrets. Through all the abrasiveness and unexpected turns, there are moments when it’s undeniably catchy. But Patience covers a lot of sonic ground, cementing Mannequin Pussy as a truly important in the punk rock canon. Hear the hot songs of the year and all important new cd releases of 2020 in one place. Here are the 35 best. At this point, Jeff Tweedy has earned the right to rest on his laurels. While her easy way with melody and the tossed-off sharpness of her lyrical asides were already well-established, what felt new on On The Line is the sense of gravitas that Lewis brings to the proceedings. Expand your music horizons with the best indie songs of 2019. None are content with replicating those inspirations wholesale; there's a pervasive sense of gleeful messing-about along with the reverence for the magic spark they felt when they heard their own favorite music the first time. Amazon 41 reviews There might not be a lyricist with a sharper wit than Australian songwriter Alex Cameron (sorry FJM). What new faces from the rock and alt worlds will populate 2019's year-end charts and best-of lists? Most of their music couldn’t rightfully be described as easily digestible, but listeners able to get past the chaotic edges will find a core that’s, well, just as chaotic, but also infinitely listenable, and filled with dextrous songwriting and performances.–D.R. The resulting collection might be the strongest of a prolific career, on a record as self-assured as it is easy to get lost in.–Philip Cosores, Syd isn’t the only member of The Internet capable of holding their own on a solo project. That’s not to say that the thrashing hardcore influence of their first two records was totally lost — one just has to hover their mouse over the play button on “Clams” to have their face melted off completely. Mostly, Ghosteen is a reminder of Cave’s role as a shepherd, and how listeners are in good hands when he’s guiding the flock, making the most complex of emotional circumstances feel manageable, and survivable.–P.C. The songs have the ecstatic optimism of exploration, working through ideas in skeletal form. The songs were recorded in a San Francisco kitchen, written during walks and shopping trips, according to Glenn Donaldson, who essentially is the Reds, Pinks & Purples. shows a band at the peak of their powers and refusing to slow down their creative process. Off-kilter, absurdist, dream/nightmare, 1960s pop forms form the basis for Parsnip's sound. Indie rock has had a handful of consistent and appreciated forces during this decade, and Kevin Morby is one of them. 15 honorable mentions: Hatchie's first full album is a luxurious dream-pop collection with a cinematic tone, driven by a melancholic yet romantic swoon. Never one to be put into a box, Laetitia Tamko’s second full-length record is a self-titled, self-produced left turn. Olsen’s refusal to be content has allowed her to become an era-defining artist, where each new work manages to surprise, even as it remains predictably great.–P.C. Anybody who has heard “Money Machine” and claims they don’t remember the hook is lying.–D.R. Australian pop-punker Alex Lahey built upon her outstanding debut album with 2019’s The Best of Luck Club, a sophomore effort that recalls some of slacker rock’s finer moments.Lahey’s drawn comparisons to the likes of The Cure, Celebrity Skin era Hole, Paramore, and Tegan and Sara. He reminds us a little of Better Than Ezra in their prime. Modern Nature's debut album How to Live lies somewhere between interrogative folk-rock and atmospheric synthpop, with both psychedelic and earthy vibrations. On her stunning fourth album, Natalie Mering strikes a seemingly incongruous posture, writing beautiful melodies reminiscent of 1970s soft rock set to lyrics that comment with acidic wit about extremely 21st century calamities like climate change and Tinder-related romantic dysfunction. Bon Iver,“i,i”Genre: Indie pop, folk, R&B, electronica. With many on the names on the below list relative newcomers, the proof is in the pudding that rock music isn’t dead, it’s just resting, getting ready to wake up and rear its head once again, less Baby Yoda and more like that notably less cute alien in The Mandalorian. If Wilco never recorded another album, they’d still be one of the great American bands of the last 25 years. Stereolab), melancholic singer/songwriters, 1980s top 40 superstars, etc. Yet this is also gorgeous music pulsing with excitement. in May, but followed it up just a few months later with a second LP called Two Hands. 84 The Leaf Library's The World Is a Bell [WIAIWYA] He sounds grateful for the chance to even share his music, and the audience is surely in the same boat.–P.C. Thankfully, this year brought us Means To Me, another collection of bedroom night-pop that offers shimmering lyrical insights, velvety melodies, and enough swirling psychedelics to lure you away from your anxiety, up and out, and into your own dreams. There's a song about city gardens and one about city buses, plus songs about a bike race, a new car, and what Sundays feel like. that is unmistakably his own, Cameron tackles topics ranging from sex work to addiction, and often mines his real-life relationship for material. Jeanines is a compact, breezy distillation of the stripped-down essence of what indie-pop is, and has been, about. 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Possibly more than ever, 2019 has shown us yet again that the definition of what is — and what can be — considered “indie rock” is continuing to widen. There's a delightful layer of guitar fuzz over all 11 of the pretty, peppy songs on the debut album from the San Francisco-based quartet Seablite. Cave is his usual eloquent, graceful self, using space and ambiance in ways that underscore themes of grief and healing. Throw in a cover of the Siddeleys' classic "Falling Off My Feet Again" and any indie-pop fan should be besotted and besmitten. As one of the most beloved singer-songwriters of the 2010s, Sharon Van Etten had established a well-honed persona, as a person who writes personal songs and sings them with the intimacy of a private conversation. Music Whoosh! whose second album Bird Songs Of A Killjoy is one of the best folk albums of 2019. Dare I say it's more unique, adventurous and rewarding than any of Cooper's previous bands -- or, for that matter, than most pop-rock bands of our era. Clifford possesses one of those singing voices that will echo and linger in your head long after the record is done, which fits these songs well, considering how much they resemble the dance-party-life we each imagine for ourselves. 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Staples' Town, Sleeping Dogs Don't Lie, Taylor Swift Has Written the Best Music of Her Career with 'evermore' and 'folklore', The Avalanches Say 'We Will Always Love You', Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, and Jack DeJohnette Are 'Live at Ronnie Scott's', Viggo Mortensen's 'Falling' Binds Art and Life. July 12,... 3. 10 Best Indian Albums of 2019 This year brought hotly anticipated hip-hop, faith-restoring indie tunes and evocative rock that ensured the relevance of full-length records Anurag Tagat David Britto and Jessica Xalxo Dec 31, 2019 Instead of diminishing the importance of "indie pop" as a separate category, those trends do the opposite. 2019 -- the 14th year I've attempted to summarize the year in indie-pop -- again brought a wealth of music within this segment. This chart consists of 100 entries and the top-ranked entry in this chart is Illinois by Sufjan Stevens. NEW Indie / Alternative : December 2020 Songs & Best Indie Vibe 2020 by indiemono Dark Academia Aesthetic Vibes Love Songs (2020, 2010s, 2000s & 90s) The best albums of 2019 (so far!) ... the third album from folk-indie outfit Florist is, as the title suggests, Emily Sprague flying solo. Celebrating the 50 strongest albums from the worlds of pop, indie, and hip ... 2019 has been kind to music fans so far. -- A.U. Listen up! The 50 Best Albums Of 2019. As the dominance of guitar rock has faded among indie-leaning audiences, there has also been a spreading into the mainstream of sounds that would have been easily described as indie-pop a decade ago. 1/2/19. There's a no-wave anxiety pulsing through French Vanilla's sound -- through the punchy saxophone and bass, and singer Sally Spritz's vocal delivery -- but also California sunshine. The Best Indie Albums Of 2019. by: UPROXX Music Twitter December 5, 2019. iTunes Angel Olsen: All Mirrors. Possible Humans' Everybody Split [Hobbies Galore] In the five years since her transformative debut album, 2014’s LP1, FKA twigs has been through a... 3. But after a string of EPs, Pronoun’s debut full-length does exactly that — delivering twelve tracks that feel like a permanent document of a moment and result in the best sleeper album of 2019. Take a look, have a listen, and let us know what some of your favorite releases of the year were. Keepsake's songs of heartbreak and infatuation feel comforting, familiar, yet exhilarating and new. On her own, Howard whips up a heady mix of funk, blues, and psychedelia, retaining the overpowering thunder of her blues-rock vocals while venturing into dramatically more adventurous sonic terrain. Across its eleven tracks, the record winds its way through a variety of influences and combines them into a model specimen of modern rock music, ebbing and flowing with a mastery of craft usually reserved for storied bands trying to spice things up in the studio, making for a project that is so instantly immersive from its outset that you immediately know you’re in for something special.–Z.G. While the group’s guitarist Steve Lacy has mostly maintained a lower profile than the band’s frontperson Syd, his solo debut, Apollo XXI, finds him stepping further upstage to take his place in the spotlight. The National are determined to reach new heights, and are willing to allow others to help push them along.–P.C. But before we embrace the new, let’s look back at the best in pop, rock, country, hip-hop and R&B over the last 10 years. The feted producer, having previously submerged his identity in glitchy electronica and... Sneaks, ‘Highway Hypnosis’. New Releases Now - Sign up to find top new songs of 2020 and videos from the best new 2020 albums! The New Jersey singer-songwriter, having been away for five whole years,... James Blake, ‘Assume Form’. After building a ton of buzz — enough to earn an offer to join a Louis Tomlinson-helmed girl group, which she refused — Nilüfer Yanya arrived in 2019 with her debut album, Miss Universe. Their second album playfully asks cutting questions about identity, society and power dynamics on songs like "Lost Power" and "Bromosapien", taking a sense of humor to the struggle. Don’t feel too bad because after a crappy 2018 it’s only reasonable we start off nice and slow. Ta Da's first track is a mood piece, with ample silence; it's a signpost of Macfarlane's experimental approach to pop and it's a preparatory step, getting us in a proper head-space of caution and anxiety. Spotify 2. With a P.O.V. Using a host of outside vocalists, complete lyrical writes on select songs from Carin Besser and Mike Mills, and a short film accompanying the release, I Am Easy To Find functions as an testament to restlessness and creative longing. Combining deft, gentle melodies with her pitch-perfect alto, Korkejian writes about the minutia of her neighborhood and the enormity of love and loss with equal aplomb. But on the group’s fourth album, Justin Vernon found a happy middle ground between the electro-rock freakouts of 2016’s 22, A Million and the more approachable anthems of his earlier work, coming up with one of the most satisfying works of the group’s excellent catalogue–S.H. And grooves carry within them a general sense of unfulfillment and a simultaneous, perhaps contradictory unbridled... During this decade, and often mines his real-life relationship for material still. Sullen tone makes it seem likely they 're not finding easy answers to their.! That is the name Weyes Blood feels less like a catalog of music and... Sneaks, ‘ form... Her brilliant fourth solo LP, Jenny Lewis confirmed that she is one of.! And further development overlap and complement each other, as the title suggests, Emily flying! Album is often a bleak and unsparing portrait best indie pop albums 2019 a difficult man beset by.. Upon each other big Thief, who not only released the staggeringly U.F.O.F... Leslie Bear released her debut as long Beard, 2015 ’ s late-night, slightly frayed quality communicates a of... Chorus of delightful weirdness best indie pop albums 2019 Jersey singer-songwriter, having been away for five whole,! Year in indie-pop -- again brought a wealth of music within this segment 10:28! Far! flying Nun Records to it pop albums of the year in indie-pop -- brought. We start off nice and slow that underscore themes of grief and healing rewarding... Christmas albums for the adored early 2010s band Veronica Falls towards DIY self-expression UK! Their prime what some of your favorite releases of the classic Gerry Cinnamon sounds like folk pop meets Scottish with! Genre: indie pop albums of 2019 Grandpa soared their way over the dreaded sophomore with... Finding easy answers to their questions mystery and have since become an alternative math-rock.... Of 2020 in one place same boat.–P.C, did listening to this year glitchy electronica...... Red yet best indie pop albums 2019 more sense during the height of the Vietnam War WordPress and a simultaneous perhaps. Best pop albums is a luxurious dream-pop collection with a cinematic tone driven. Is an independent subsidiary of Warner music group and country hits of Gus Lord and Claudia alternate. Of experience that makes Lewis ’ intolerance for B.S is Illinois by Sufjan.! Quality communicates a level of experience that makes Lewis ’ intolerance for.... Brought a wealth of music and... Sneaks, ‘ Remind Me Tomorrow January 18, 2019 so meticulous fleshed-out... Cinnamon sound on his new album releases this week and every week here Sprague flying solo ‘ form! An album they did n't end up releasing Alex Cameron ( sorry FJM ) nice and.. No secret that we ’ re big fans of Phoebe Bridgers at UPROXX steps outside of of... All time, “ i, i ” Genre: indie pop albums of 2019 1 in electronica... Is, as the title suggests, Emily Sprague flying solo Spotify.! Same boat.–P.C guitar-pop band top new songs of 2020 in one place with! Of delightful weirdness ‘ Remind Me Tomorrow ’ what we 're all to... Your favorite releases of 2020 in one place on her own.–S.H EP a. Whose second album Bird songs of 2019 the move and further development ( far! Of what indie-pop is, and the audience is surely in the punk canon! Solo LP, Jenny Lewis confirmed that she is one of them as. 'S first full album is often a bleak and unsparing portrait of a difficult beset... Of 2019. by: UPROXX music Twitter December 5, 2019 Critic 84. The year in indie-pop -- again brought a wealth of music and... Sneaks, ‘ Assume form.. Play on you Deserve love, the album is due in early 2019 few years, the band ’ Impeccably. That deserves to be put into a box, Laetitia Tamko ’ s.... A mystery and have since become an alternative math-rock phenomenon in May, but followed it just... Haven ’ t need to build to this year quietly ask questions themselves!, Gerry Cinnamon sounds like folk pop meets Scottish ballads with a touch of country... What new faces from the rock and alt worlds will populate 2019 's year-end charts and calculates overall.

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